Special ISSUE – Land Change Modelling

Processes driving land change have impacts on and create
feedbacks between natural and human systems. The modelling
approaches used to represent these processes and
subsequent land change are varied and comprise different
spatial and temporal resolutions and extents. We see a
continued development of land change models for specific
local case studies, but an increasing number of models
quantify change and feedbacks at regional, national, and
continental extents. While global land change data are
regularly used to drive global process models (e.g., climate),
there are fewer land change models operating at this scale.

This Special Issue welcomes articles that present new
approaches to spatially explicit modelling of land change,
highlight novel contributions to land change modelling using
historical approaches, compare and contrast different
modelling approaches, and make other unique contributions
to land change and land systems modelling, such as
frameworks, methodologies, and model coupling approaches.
Those intending to submit should consider including data,
model code (via common repositories such as GitHub), and
appendices to facilitate replication, reuse, and expansion
upon their submitted work by others.

For more information or to submit a contribution, click here.

Land Use/Land Cover Change